practical considerations for OFFERING FIXED WIRELESS INTERNET

DoubleRadius has helped our telecom (CLEC & ILEC) customers grow their internet offerings with fixed wireless since 2001. This wireless delivery of internet service has opened the door for their growth in ways that would not have otherwise been possible. 


Some CLECs & ILECs have deployed a wired form of internet service such as DSL or fiber, but have not yet gone wireless. Other telecom companies have offered phone services over the years, but never ventured into offering internet service.


Whether offering internet is a new or old idea for your company, you’re in the right place if you're considering offering fixed wireless. Take the time right now to dig in and learn how fixed wireless can change your business for the better!


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  • Increasing Growth with Fixed Wireless
  • Capitalizing on the LTE Opportunity
  • Future Proofing with Fixed Wireless
  • Telecom Fixed Wireless Use Cases