Join DoubleRadius as we host RF elements for an exclusive webinar
featuring their innovative antenna technology!

Webinar Description:

Ready to overcome RF pollution and get your network performing up to its full potential?  An almost endless amount of RF noise is caused by poorly designed networks. Without a solution to the massive RF pollution problem, wireless networks will never work as they should.


During this webinar, RF elements will discuss how their antennas enable your network to:

  • Reject noise

  • Eliminate RF system loss

  • Use spectrum properly

  • Deliver fast, massively scalable wireless

Specific technologies and features to be covered include:

  • Symmetrical vs asymmetrical horn antennas
  • Patch array carrier class antennas
  • TwistPort connector & adapter advantages


DATE: TUesday, JULY 23rd, 2019

TIME: 2:00PM - 3:00PM EDT

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