practical considerations for evolving your network

DoubleRadius has been building wireless networks since 2001. Over the years, we’ve seen how our Internet Service Provider (ISP) customers have progressed from initial dial-up, DSL, and cable offerings to fiber and wireless for broadband connectivity.


Although some Service Providers stick to either fiber or wireless in their networks, it’s not always a choice of one or the other. ISPs are coming to a new hybrid model from both ends of the spectrum (pun intended). Network operators that once relied exclusively on fiber or wireless are now being compelled to diversify for a combination of practical reasons. 


Whatever your current networking setup is, take a little time to dig into this Quick Guide right now, and consider as you’re reading if it’s time for your network to evolve, and for your company to become a Hybrid Fiber-Wireless ISP!


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  • What Is a Hybrid Fiber-Wireless ISP?
  • Comparison of Fiber & Wireless Advantages
  • When Should ISPs Evolve to Hybrid?
  • Hybrid Fiber-Wireless ISP Use Cases